Connecting Dots


The cornerstone of The Frank Ridge Memorial Foundation, Inc. are unique film seminar series entitled CONNECTING DOTS.

It only takes a moment to make a false or potentially fatal step.  It takes a lifetime to manage chronic mental illnesses. Research demonstrates that understanding mental illness is strengthened by studying an array of diagnoses in building block, neurodevelopmental sequence.  Our CONNECTING DOTS series explore a variety of mental health conditions, illustrate how they overlap and are often intricately intertwined.  Learning is enhanced through accurate and compassionate depictions in film, resource-rich take-home materials and open discussion.  Healthy refreshments are served.  Seating is limited. Registration is required.  Each CONNECTING DOTS series runs 4 consecutive Saturdays and earns 14 live-in-person NY SED approved CEs for NY licensed SWs, MHCs, MFTs, LPs and LCATs.

The goals of each film series are to:

  • Heighten understanding of a multitude of mental health disorders.
  • Facilitate early detection through recognition of warning signs, symptoms and behaviors.
  • Discuss viable, effective, current treatment options, including healthy life style choices.
  • Entertain strategies to build supports and overcome barriers to compassionate, connected care.
  • Explore the complex inter-connectedness of mental health conditions.

CONNECTING DOTS film seminar series are for anyone and everyone impacted by mental health issues (e.g. caregivers, family members, professionals and individuals living with mental health concerns).  Whether you’ve been immersed in the world of mental health for minutes or the millennium, our CONNECTING DOTS series have something to offer.  NOTE:  all parts of each CONNECTING DOTS series must be taken for CE credits.

CONNECTING DOTS series in 2019!:

  • CONNECTING DOTS: when multiple mental disorders collideALL NEW!  4 consecutive Saturdays, February 23 thru March 16, 1:00 – 4:30 pm, 2019.  This brand new series features individuals living with multiple mental health conditions simultaneously and the complex challenges facing professionals and family members caring for them.  This 4-part series features all new films and is worth 14 live-in-person NY SED approved CEs for SWs, MHCs, MFTs, LPs and CATs.  Cost: $300 for the series. 
  • CONNECTING DOTS: the enchanted series.  Back by popular demand!  A myriad of mental health conditions as explored in animated film.  4 consecutive Saturdays, Jun 1 – 22, 1:00 – 4:30 pm, 2019.  This 4-part film series features claymation, water color and graphic novel illustrations (no Disney!). Series is worth 14 live-in-person NY SED approved CEs for SWs, MHCs, MFTs, LPs and CATs.  Cost: $300 for the 4-part series.
  • CONNECTING DOTS: it’s a family affair.  4 consecutive Saturdays, October 19 – November 9, 2019, 1:00 – 4:30 pm.   This brand new 4-part film series features films demonstrating the impact mental health conditions have on family units.  It is worth 14 live-in-person NY SED approved CEs for SWs, MHCs, MFTs, LPs and CATs.  Cost: $300 for the 4-part series. 

Each series is unique and each earn different NY State approved Continuing Education credits (CEs).  In other words, if you need 28 CEs, you can take 2 of our CONNECTING DOTS series and accomplish your goal in 8 enjoyable Saturdays.  The State imposes no limit on how many CEs you can obtain from any one provider or in any given year.  Each series is taught only once this year.  If you cannot attend Saturday sessions, contact us regarding parallel Wednesday or Thursday evening series.

All seminars are facilitated by approved provider Julie Ridge, LCSW-R, under the auspices of the Frank Ridge Memorial Foundation, Inc.  Ridge is a clinical social worker and master trainer with over 25 years experience teaching parents, professionals and adolescents. She maintains a private practice in NYC.  Ridge is the founder and President of the Frank Ridge Memorial Foundation, Inc., dedicated to the loving memory of her father Frank Ridge.  Frank Ridge lived a full, rich, adventurous 90 years with major depressive disorder.

All events and seminars hosted by the Frank Ridge Memorial Foundation are all wheelchair accessible.  Costs for our seminars are kept low in an effort to provide high quality learning at an affordable price.

*The Frank Ridge Memorial Foundation, Inc. is recognized by the New York State Education Department’s State Board for Mental Health Practitioners as an approved provider of continuing education credits (CEs) for all NY licensed Social Workers (#SW-0096), Mental Health Counselors (#MHC-0010), Marriage & Family Therapist (#MFT-0014), Psychoanalysts (#P-0018) and Creative Arts Therapists (#CAT-0065).  All seminars listed on our menu are approved for State CEs.  For more information about Continuing Education credits and requirements, go to the New York State Office of the Profession’s website:  Click on Continuing Education on the left for more information.

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