Recommended stories that inspire and motivate:

  • “Sober, Stable & Sane” by Diane Mintz.  We are proud to be the first to publish this inspiring work by a fresh and talented writer.  Mintz tells the story of her relentless ride with bipolar and co-occurring addictive disorders and the path she’s traveled to sustained recovery.  Mintz is a public speaker and active advocate for NAMI (National Association for Mental Illness).  (download PDF file: Sober, Stable & Sane)
  • “Pivotal Moments” by Julie Ridge.  This is the story of how a Broadway actress went from swimming a casual mile a day in a Manhattan swimming pool, to English Channel swimmer, in 9 months.  Ridge lives well with mental health issues. (download PDF file)
  • “Biking Across America” by Julie Ridge.  This is the story of the bike trip across America shared by organization President and Founder, Julie Ridge and her father, Frank Ridge.  Both live(d) well with mental health issues.  (download PDF file)
  • Send us your story!  Please send us the story of how you live well with mental health issues through your art, work, support network, sports – whatever your passion.  Our story committee will select stories each month for publication on our site.  Contact Us for details.